Startup Longmont announces new President & CEO

During its November Board meeting, and announced at its November Member Meeting, the Board of Directors of Startup Longmont through unanimous vote approved the appointment of Darren Elven to the position of President & CEO.

The position of President and CEO was previously held by Eben Johnson who had served in the position for multiple successive terms, Eben a tenured member of Startup Longmont, and the Longmont entrepreneurial scene remains as a member of the Board of Directors of Startup Longmont. The decision to step down and election of a new President & CEO allows Eben to focus on supporting the community, and his own growing venture QZetta Inc. (

Darren is an experienced leader, an innovative technology professional with multi-industry experience that includes local startups ServiceMetrics, NextAction/Datalogix, Archethought Inc., QZetta Inc. through to global brands such as Disney and Crocs. Darren has been a member of the Startup Longmont community for multiple years, and a Board Member for over six months, he is a mentor and advisor with a passion for being a lifelong learner. As a technologist, Darren holds a degree in AI and IT. His experience and career include being a founding software engineer, CIO/CTO and Chief Strategy Officer. Darren focuses on connecting investors to entrepreneurs, advancing entrepreneurial adventures, technology, strategy, marketing and growth opportunities.