Establishing our first Startup Longmont Committees

During its December Board meeting, the Startup Longmont Board approved the establishment of Startup Longmont Committees as part of the Startup Longmont 2018 Growth Strategy. Today, the initial Committee structure has been approved, established, and is being brought to the community with the intent to be transparent, recruit supportive community members, and to continue our commitment to supporting entrepreneurs in, and around Longmont.

Please visit the Startup Longmont Committee page to view the committee structure, and key contacts.

Over the next number of months it is our goal to make a number of incremental changes to how Startup Longmont supports our entrepreneurial community, the establishment of our Committees is but one such change. We believe that in creating these committees and recruiting community members to take seats on these committees will help us strengthen our support, and grow our capabilities to producing new content, programming, and bring opportunities to entrepreneurs, community members, and students to learn about entrepreneurship while giving back to our community.


Darren Elven
President, CEO
Startup Longmont