Blockchain as a Graph

This talk reviews Blockchain technology using graph technologies to develop deeper understanding.

Block chains can be represented as a layered network, where one layer represents the peer to peer network, another layer represents the transaction snapshots at different points of time and a third layer represents the transactions happening between the different accounts. This layered representation gives us the flexibility to answer questions which otherwise are not easy to answer. We will use Neo4j to build these three layers.

We thank our sponsor, Neo4J for providing refreshments.

Our speaker is Ashwin Pingali:

Ashwin is the CTO for DZee Solutions a health care startup and Apps Consultants a company focused on bringing Big Data technologies into every day business operations. His focus and skills are in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Cognitive Computing, and his specialty is in bringing both graph based mathematical representations to healthcare expenditure contexts, creating probabilistic models of reasoning and using Big Data predictive technologies (like Spark, Tinkerpop, etc.) to aid in the processing of large contextual graphs for actionable decision making. Ashwin completed all his PhD requirements except for his final dissertation defense.

This meetup is cross-listed with the Boulder Graph Nerds group. Please RSVP only to 1 group!