Developing Smart City Vision for Longmont

This is a facilitated working session to begin defining a Longmont Smart City Vision. 

Grass roots efforts to develop Smart Cities are many. But to achieve lasting success requires a pathway with commitment from key stakeholders. For that to happen, there must be a clearly articulated and accepted Smart City Vision, with appropriate backing to guide and shape real policies and actions.

Join us at this Meetup to begin developing the Smart City Vision for Longmont. We will start by understanding the landscape, important efforts already under way and leverage what is happening regionally, nationally and globally.

We invite research links to be posted ahead of the Meetup to help inform discussion.

Thanks to our Sponsors, this meetup is Free to the Public and all are welcome to attend. 

If you are interested in sponsoring the Smart City Initiatives Meetup, please post a message to the Organizers.

P.S. We are starting early to accommodate key attendees, but we will continue until 7:30 to help everyone who needs to travel from work.