Elastic New Features and Intro to .Net Core & Elastic

This Meetup is about effectively using the Elasticsearch Database to solve data science and other difficult problems. We’re hosting the first cross meetup between us and the Denver User’s Group. The talk is about .NET Core but we will talk about the new features. You do not need to bring your laptop, but feel free! You never know who you’ll meet and we’ll have fast bandwidth.

Here is the cross-posting text from the Elastic Denver User Group:

Join us for our first meetup of 2017 at CoSolve in Longmont! Food, beverages, and good conversation will be provided!  

.Net Core and Elastic – A look into NEST

Topics will include: 

What is .Net Core and why is it important to Elastic? 

What is NEST? 




A lot of changes have been made to the Elastic Stack since we hosted our last meetup in June 2016 — learn about new features in 5.5, and what’s coming in 6.0. 

There will also be time for Q&A, so come prepared with questions

Nick Lang has been a python developer since 2007. He currently resides in the mountains of Colorado.

Enjoys drinking delicious local whiskies and can be mistaken for Bigfoot while running on the trails near his home.

Zachary Baxter is an Education Engineer at Elastic. He enjoys teaching everything Elastic and big data!  Helping others understand and implement Elastic is not only his job but his passion.  He has always followed his passion and has a wide technology background including System Administrator, Cloud Architect, Performance Tester, Solutions Architect and Software Developer.  He has strong coding skills in C#, JavaScript, PowerShell, Angular and the Elastic DSL.  Besides for technology… he’s a native to Colorado and loves the outdoors.  In his off time, he will be playing volleyball, country dancing, hiking, camping and fishing.  He also does any outreach programs including hurricane Katrina, building houses in Juarez and Tijuana Mexico.


We’d love to establish a regular cadence for this user group, and we’re looking for a local community organizer to help make it happen! If you’re interested in getting more involved with the user group, send us a note at meetups@elastic.co. 

In the meantime you can check out this handy community organizer guide we’ve made available:



From the Elastic Guide Preface:

The world is swimming in data. For years we have been simply overwhelmed by the quantity of data flowing through and produced by our systems. Existing technology has focused on how to store and structure warehouses full of data. That’s all well and good—until you actually need to make decisions in real time informed by that data.

Elasticsearch is a distributed, scalable, real-time search and analytics engine. It enables you to search, analyze, and explore your data, often in ways that you did not anticipate at the start of a project. It exists because raw data sitting on a hard drive is just not useful.