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NewTech Denver Intro – Aiko Cheslin ( ) (7:00 PM) (@dmi_io) – Jacob Ablowitz (@jacob_dmi) (7:10 pm)

Data is the raw material that powers the information economy. much as iron, coal, and oil power the industrial economy, but there’s no marketplace that enables large-scale, highly-efficient data commerce… until now. Conceptually akin to “eBay for data,” Data Markets Inc ( is the marketplace for business data. Driven by our unique insights into the world of data products, we help data buyers discover and evaluate new data sources, we help small- and medium-sized data vendors reach new buyers across sector boundaries, and we help companies commercialize their data assets. By enabling efficient data commerce, dmi is democratizing access to data-driven insights.

Community Announcements – Aiko Cheslin ( ) (7:20 pm)

MyOthello (@myothellosite) – Jalila Clarke (7:25 pm)

Do you love reading books and watching movies and TV shows? Join the discussion group at and connect with community members who enjoy the same. Each month we’ll discuss a book, a movie, and a TV show. Pick your favorite or choose all three. Just click on the link in the events calendar and you’ll have access to our Google meeting. See you at!

Hiring / Looking – Aiko Cheslin ( ) (7:35 pm)

The Ethics of AI – Jim Gunderson, PhD ( @jpgunderson ), Louise Gunderson, PhD (@) and Aiko Cheslin ( ) (7:25pm)


NewTech Denver Close – Aiko Cheslin ( ) (7:55 pm)

Networking – (8:00-8:45 pm)

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