A Gentle, Hands-on Introduction to OpenStack with the Software Freedom School

• Class begins promptly at 9 am. Come at 8:30 if you need to set up VirtualBox or borrow a machine.

• $16 or PWYC (cash/check to SFS or Pay What You Choose) for this first run of AGHI2 OpenStack*

We will attempt to build an OpenStack DevStack in VirtualBox. If that doesn’t work, we’ll import one from an image. We will create a project and users, a network and instances, and discuss how OpenStack compares to Amazon Web Services. If time allows, we’ll play with command-line management and HEAT.

David is an outstanding instructor and communicator of complex topics. He has been an IT professional for over two decades, teaching Linux since 2000, and operating the Software Freedom School ( http://www.sofree.us/) for the past five years. We are honored to host him at CoSolve!

Bring a machine with VirtualBox installed and up-to-date and/or a USB stick so you can take your DevStack image home. Your machine needs at least 12GB RAM & 2 cores. Your USB stick needs at least 16GB. Loaner machines and USB sticks will be available.

* This class is in development; your suggestions and feedback are wanted! If there’s a particular feature of OpenStack that you would like to see highlighted, please say so early, so we can try to plan it in.

We will have a crockpot of chili so no one starves. Bring something to share if you like.