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My Friends,

You may or may not know that Startup Longmont is a non-profit, volunteer managed and community funded entity. We provided a number of in-person events that cover networking, community discovery, outreach, mentoring and more, all the way through to entrepreneurial educational sessions.

All of these events are at no-charge to our community members. We are only able to do this through kind support from our community volunteers, sponsors and our member donations.

Without you and your donations we can not make this happen, grow the support for our community and help our growing entrepreneurial programs.

Please, we ask that you learn more about Startup Longmont by visiting our website, reaching out to our Board Members and Contributing Volunteers, or joining us at one of our events.

Above all else, we ask that you show your support through donations.

You can donate through our website: startuplongmont.com/
You can donate in person at any of our sponsored events.
You can also donate by reaching out to any of our Board Members: startuplongmont.com/index.php/board/

Whichever way you wish to donate we greatly appreciate it, as does our community and so do our entrepreneurs.

Thank you!

Darren Elven
Volunteer Board Member
Startup Longmont

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