Welcome to Startup Longmont

Every city has a business ‘flavor’ to it. Longmont’s has been changing over the last decade and it’s accelerating to exciting new heights. We are no longer the quiet little bedroom community we once were. We are becoming a vibrant and exceptionally business friendly town that is well balanced with an outstanding quality of life. Most importantly, we are poised to become a extraordinarily attractive town for creatives, startups, entrepreneurs and existing businesses to move to.

LIVE, WORK, AND PLAY “Startup Longmont” is about fostering a new vision and paradigm for bringing Longmont into the Information Age. Building a startup and entrepreneurial economy that will not only give today’s Millennials and entrepreneurs a place to “Startup”, but will give future generations hope for living out their lives in a flourishing Longmont.


We are for educating, connecting and supporting entrepreneurs and the startup community in Longmont and our surrounding neighborhoods.


Entrepreneurs, Broadband, Bikes and Beer

Today is a pivotal moment in the creation of Longmont’s future and its place in the digital “information age” economy. In the context of an $80 million St Vrain River redevelopment, $44 million optic fiber roll-out, booming regional entrepreneurial economy, and global economic shifts, it is NOW more important than ever for Longmont to create a new vision for itself and its role in this new economic paradigm. Fostering the resources, entrepreneurial culture, and a sustainable, amenity-rich environment sought by millennials and start-ups is critical to the physical and economic health of the city. Our mission is to catalyze this movement, and engage the local community in creating and manifesting this vision.


Why Broadband, Bikes and Beer?

We believe this phrase is representative of nurturing the metrics that are vital to creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem: A “Live Work Play” environment, within the context of a physically “Sustainable” and “smart” city.

Broadband” reflects the “Work” part of the equation: the metrics and physical infrastructure for businesses to thrive. Longmont’s optic fiber roll-out will make it one of only a handful of cities in the entire US to have this. FOR NOW. This is an incredible but momentary opportunity to attract startups and entrepreneurs to the city of Longmont and shouldn’t be squandered. We have a great municipal power system with low rates, and high level of advanced degree holders. Other metrics that are necessary but need work are zoning districts and development procedures that empower rather than inhibit small businesses.

Bikes” reflects the “Play” part of the equation. Since the 2013 flood, the redevelopment of the River corridor continues as a major effort to build-out a multi-modal transportation corridor for residents to recreate and commute, thus reducing traffic congestion across the city. For example, a 300 ft. wide river channel offers the opportunity for dedicated bike paths to reduce conflict with walkers, dogs and kids. “Bikes” reflects other metrics of creating an amenity-rich city with more focus on pedestrian places, riverside dining, urban agriculture, walkable infill development, and the numerous other sustainability and smart city initiatives.

Beer” reflects the “Live” part of the equation; I.E. creating a vibrant flourishing community culture. There is a storied history with Left Hand and Oscar Blues breweries contributing tremendously to nurturing local community. Let’s build on that with providing more focus on additional startup and entrepreneur community needs: co-working and incubator spaces, mentoring, capital investor resources, et. al. Let’s build more of an Arts and Entertainment scene, with venues and places for creatives and entrepreneurs to interact. And lets not forget about promoting the wealth of activities already here but regionally overlooked: the Farmers Market, Sound Bites, Art Walks and hundreds of activities at the County Fairgrounds.